Roofing On Time is built on strong foundations of persistence and will, reaching more and more, constantly increasing knowledge and experience. It started more than 20 years ago and since then our business is on a constant growth.

Whether you need services in building, constructing, remodeling, fixing, repairing or other type of roof improvement, do not hesitate tocontact us. We provide top quality services, by putting our clients wishes on the first place.

We carry a wide range of roofing tiles, slates, ridges etc to cater for most emergencies along with the fittings needed to provide repair.

Larger jobs can be sized and catered for on a direct to site service which also helps with the cost. We keep a large range of roofing felts as today’s specifications are quite varied and there is a need to supply on a ‘needed today’ basis from stock.

All our roofing timbers are tannalised against decay and provided they are fixed correctly will last for many years.

A range of Velux roof lights are kept on stock with the less popular and special ones available to order along with the neccesarry flashings. A large range of lead flashings are available in code 4 & code 5 as these are usually needed quickly.

As with all our stocks they a based around the general needs of the builder and the same applies to our timber.The range applies to the general carcasing, with joists and heavy timber available to order as is treated stock.

A wide range of planed skirtings and architrave is held on stock to cater for most jobs along with roofing laths, studding, mouldings, stairs and stairparts etc. We prefer to buy quality timber which in our opinion saves time in the long run. Our range of sheets is quite extensive from plywoods, MDF, OSB, chipboards etc.

We also cater for the fencer with a good stock range of posts rails and panels.